Quick Vids - Why Does Honey Crystallize?

? A question we get asked A LOT is, “Why does my honey crystallize?” Well, we get down and dirty (well, sticky) on just why honey does what it does. Guess what- it includes some pretty cool science!

Quick Vids - Different Color of Honey

? Ever wonder why some #honey jars are lighter than others? Ever taste a certain type of honey and try a different one that tastes totally different? ? Well, we are breaking it down for ya in our latest (and greatest) quick vids where you will learn the where and why of honey and its coloring.

Quick Vids - What you Get from a Beehive

? When we think of beehives, we think “honey” … and maaaybe we think “wax,” but the beehive produces more than just those two note-worthy products! Pollen – bee pollen and royal jelly and propolis are all products the beehive produces – and they all have a special purpose for bees and benefits to humans making beekeeping such a valuable hobby and industry!

Quick Vids - Correct Names for Parts of the Beehive

? When it comes to beekeeping, keeping (pun intended) the names straight for the parts of your beehive will save you and your beekeeping mentor the headaches of confusion caused by saying “you know, that part at the bottom” rather than the “bottom board.”

Quick Vids - Best Christmas Presents for Beekeepers

Looking to buy that special beekeeper in your life some great holiday gifts? John Klapperich, from The Bee Store in Lake Ridge, Virginia, walks us through his favorite holiday pics for beekeepers this Christmas!