Once you’ve gathered your supplies and gained plenty of knowledge about beekeeping, it’s time to order your bees! We are striving to grow the best beekeepers to create a thriving honey bee population for generations to come. We want to be your resource when it comes to anything dealing with bees. 

You may be asking “where can I find bee supplies near me”? Are you searching for honey bee supplies or beginning beekeeping kits? Look no further than The Bee Store. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced beekeeper, we have an extensive line of all the best beekeeping supplies and equipment available in the industry. 

 The Bee Store focuses on providing beginner beekeepers with all of the essentials they will need to become successful beekeepers. Providing quality bee and beekeeping supplies online and a lot of beekeeping 101 knowledge, we can help you with how to start beekeeping and how to raise honey bees. Therefore, when you ask yourself, “where can I find a bee supply store near me?” The answer is simple – it’s The Bee Store!

So what kind of beekeeping supplies will you need to get started? This question by new beekeepers is not at all unusual. People who don’t know anything about beekeeping often have lots of questions.

This includes what tools and equipment they should have. When it comes to beekeeping, there are essentials and non-essentials. The following guide outlines the essential equipment every new beekeeper should possess. Essential beekeeping supplies include hives, hive frames, foundation, bee feeders, hive tools, beekeeping suits, and smokers.


For the 2020/2021 Beekeeping Season, The Bee Store will not be selling bees ourselves, but we’ll be happy to connect you with a seller! The following is the approved list of bee sellers in Northern Virginia. Feel free to reach out to them directly with questions, comments, pricing, etc.