The Differing colors of honey and what it means.

Quick Vids – Different Colors of Honey

Why is Honey Different Colors?

Okay, hello everybody. Today we’re going to talk about different kinds of honey. Many people come into the shop and feel like honey is honey, even though there are plenty of varieties out there and available on the market, on the shelves. You see it often.

Clover honey, wildflower honey, buckwheat honey. It comes in different colors, in different flavors. Typically with honey, we have a fairly decent display here from Savannah Bee Company, who gets honey from around the country, from other beekeepers, and around the world. You can see the variance in the colors and typically, like this honey here, it’s called acacia honey, which comes from a locust tree, is very light.

What do Honey Colors Mean?

Generally, the lighter the color, the lighter the flavor. As we go down the list here, we have acacia, we have tupelo, and orange blossom. Both of these are very light and color and they have a lighter flavor. The orange blossom, obviously, is from orange trees, does even have a little citrus flavor and the color of the honey is slightly orange.

As we get darker, the flavors become a little bit more bold. I wouldn’t say savory, they’re still sweet like honey, but they have a deeper, richer flavor. Wildflower honey, this is our wildflower honey, you can see that it is much darker. It’s also got a much bolder flavor. Wildflower honey just means that it comes from multiple flower sources, or a polyfloral. So, the bees are in one spot and they gather everything in the environment, and they put it into the honeycomb, and we take it out of the honeycomb and put it in the jar. These different colored honeys are called varietals, or monoflorals, and the majority of the nectar that comes from each of these creates the honey.

Does Honey Colors come from Flowers or from the Bees?

So, the flavor of the honey and the color of the honey comes directly from the flower, not the type of bee or anything else. Specific flowers have specific flavors, has specific nectars, and that is what the bees make. So, if you ever wanted to try any of these varieties and see for yourself the differences, we do have samples of each of these at The Bee Store. We’re open Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 to 7:00 and Sundays on 10:00 to 4:00. We’ll hope to see you there.

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