Sure Grip Uncapping Fork-Betterbee

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Honey uncapping forks are designed to scratch or lift off the wax on the corners of a capped frame that your plane or knife cannot reach. Additionally, we have found another valuable use for honey uncapping forks--checking drone brood for varroa mites. Simply move the fork parallel to the comb and you can easily lift out the white drone larvae and see the mites.

If you are looking for a tool for extreme uncapping, we suggest the Deluxe Uncapping Fork. The SureGrip Uncapping Fork is the ideal tool for beginner beekeepers or as a spare tool in your harvesting kit.

If you use an uncapping fork as your sole tool for uncapping, by scratching all cappings open but not removing the cappings, the honey will be released during extraction, but you will have much less cappings to deal with later.

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