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This manual honey refractometer unit will measure the moisture in your honey from 12%-27% in half percent increments. This easy to use device has a sturdy rubber grip and comfortable eyepiece. Make sure to use in a well-lit area for optimal measurements. Calibration is simple and should be done prior to each use as it is temperature-dependent. The calibration will only be accurate for the ambient room temperature at which calibration was done.

After measuring, use a lint-free tissue to wipe the sample off of the prism surface. If the sample contains oils or fats, use isopropyl alcohol and water to clean the prism surface. For storage, keep refractometer in storage case at room temperature. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or a moist environment.

Hint: To prevent fermentation, honey must have a water content of less than 17% (safe regardless of yeast count).

Note: Refractometers work on liquids only, so crystallized or creamed honey must be completely decrystallized to get an accurate reading of its moisture content.

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