Sweet Sophia

Sweet Sophia Hand-Made Honey and Wax Products


Sweet Sophia is our line of homemade products from the beehive.  From just an idea to what is now a full-fledged line of products, we have been able to grow a brand that families have come to know and love.

Sweet Sophia started because of our daughter, Sophia. We knew that we wanted her to have more natural products to use day to day, and we just so happened to be beekeepers. It was a match made in honey heaven. We were able to use our passion for beekeeping to create a brand that is both environmental and family friendly.

What started off as something we were just going to use for our family, the word got out and the idea grew. We had so many family and friends asking us where we got our products and when we told them that we made them, the orders started rolling in.

Now we have lines of moisturizers, beard balms, infused honeys and honey candy that we send out all over the United States. You can find Sweet Sophia products locally at some amazing shops like The Bee Store, Mom’s Apple Pie, and the Old Towne Shop in Alexandria.   As always, you can order your Sweet Sophia products at www.MySweetSophia.com.