Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies

Jack and Betty Thomas started Mann Lake in 1983 because they couldn’t find the quality beekeeping supplies they needed for their own beekeeping hobby. They began selling supplies out of their garage, but quickly found a lot of other beekeepers were underserved as well. Realizing the need was bigger than their garage they moved the business from their home to the city of Hackensack. Since then, buildings have gone up in Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania and Texas as the company has grown.

Having no children of their own to pass down the business to, Jack and Betty decided to transfer the ownership of the business to their employees to carry on what they started. They knew that when you’re working for yourself and for your future, you work that much harder to innovate and add value to keep your customers happy and coming back.

The Hackensack, MN branch is still the hub of Mann Lake. The majority of the products and bee feeds that you receive, are manufactured in the home office in Hackensack, MN. Because of their ability to keep all of these processes “in house” they can ensure the quality of the products that you purchase. Their sales and customer service staff in all locations work together to make sure your experience is nothing short of great.