January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already here. Now, half way through January, things have really slowed down for us here at Sweet Sophia.  Not that we want things to slow down, but it is nice to get a breather from the many late nights spent making products and getting orders filled.  I was also able to get our supply room in order after a couple months of pure disaster area!

Valentines Day is a month away!

Nothing says, “I love you” like something sweet, and there is nothing sweeter than our pure Wildflower Honey!  Perhaps you might like to try one of our new flavors of honey hard candy or honey nut caramels.  Whatever your taste, a unique, homemade gift is always a nice touch for any special occasion.  

Fellas, our all natural hand and body creams are silky smooth and smell wonderful.  There is no point in buying some knick-knack dust collector when you can get your lady something she will use and enjoy.  As an added bonus, you will have plenty of opportunities to bestow generous helpings of compliments – “wow, your skin is so soft!” or “mmmm…you smell so good!” – this is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Ladies, we recognize that beards are all the rage, but if you are not nuzzling up against a new age “lumber-sexual,” we highly recommend our new shaving soap “Brooklyn Barber.”  This shaving soap will leave your man’s face soft and moist and has the scent of a vintage barber shop.  Besides, nothing says renaissance man like shaving with an old-school brush and lather!

We would absolutely be remiss if we did not address a critical component of Valentines Day…your lips!  If you have not tried our all natural beeswax lip balms, then both you and your partner are missing out!

To sweeten the deal (pun intended) use the coupon code SWEETBEE now through Valentine’s Day to get 10% off your order!

New Products

Beard Balm – We tested our beard balms with some serious beardos around the country.  After months of trial and error, we came up with some righteous formulas.  These balms are great for conditioning the skin under the beard and for softening and shaping those wiley whiskers!

Paw Putty –  This amazing salve will moisturize, protect, and promote the healing of your precious pup’s paws, nose, and skin.  Our formula is 100% natural and has been tested for months on dogs of all sizes.  There have even been a few minor curling iron burns on the testers themselves that have benefited from this awesome balm!

Natural Deodorant – After over a year of formulas, testing, rebatching, throwing away, more formulas, more testing, and more trials…..we finally have a product that we are proud of.  This is the 9th formula we tested and easily the 12th or 13th that we put together.  This one works!


Shampoo Bars – Our all natural shampoo bar is perfect for the frequent traveler.  If you get tired of carrying your liquid shampoo, try a solid bar.  We guarantee the cap won’t bust and spill shampoo all over your stuff! This looks just like a bar of soap, but it’s shampoo!   Have a kid in swimming?  Shampoo bar!  Need a small solution for your travel bag?  Shampoo bar!    Currently, our shampoo bar has a girly scent (one that I would like to smell in my lady’s hair), but we will be making additional scents in the future.  

Honey Hard Candy Flavors

Red Hot Cinnamon candies live up to their name!  The current batch of cinnamon candies are really hot…I mean like fire hot.  These are not for the feint hearted!  However, they are excellent when melted into a cup of tea.  In fact, when my house was sick, we were very pleased with how nice these were in tea to open up our stuffy noses!  The next batch, however,  will be milder!

Lemon candies are just that!  These tasty treats have a bold and sweet lemon flavor that is sure to become a family favorite.

Honey with lemon – It may sound odd to have honey flavored honey candy, but it’s true.  These are hardly lemon drops, but rather sweet lozenges with a nice rounding bit of lemon.  Just wonderful for sore throats.

Green Apple – What is life without variety?  These tasty treats are exactly what you would expect.

“Brooklyn Barber” Shaving Soap – We have been wanting to make some shaving soap for a while and finally cranked it out.   This soap is cold processed and made with all natural ingredients, including bentonite clay, which adds a whole lot of awesome.  When I smell this soap, I immediately think of an old-time barber shop in New York back in the 20’s, hence the name!  I have been using this soap for a couple of weeks now and can attest that it leaves my skin very soft and just feeling good.


So… funny story… Elsa was reading about ummm….nipple cream.  Yep, you read that right, but this type of product is popular amongst the breastfeeders.  Anyway, we found some decent formulas that don’t contain animal fat and are safe for babies and thought, sure why not.  So Elsa says, “hey, why don’t you ask your coworker if she would like to try it.”  In pure disbelief, I asked her if she really thought it was appropriate that I have a conversation with my young female coworker about her nipples.  “Oh yeah…good point.”  she says.   To be fair, my coworkers have been a great test bed for all of our products.  Anyway, for the mother’s to be out there, we may be coming out with nipple cream soon.  I will leave it at that.  

Elsa has also been experimenting with eye cream.  Over the course of a couple weeks, she put her homemade eye cream on one eye and her expensive store-bought cream on the other.  I could definitely tell the difference and was quite surprised that our homemade stuff literally removed tiny wrinkles around her eyes and worked better than the store-bought stuff.  

Sweet Sophia meets Florence Nightingale – Our second book in the Sweet Sophia series will be coming out soon.  In this episode, Sophia meets the famous “Lady With the Lamp” and they explore some of the healing properties of honey and the importance of cleanliness.  If you have a beginner reader, we hope you will check out these books!

If there is a particular product or variation of a current product that you would like to see, please let us know!

Our New App – “Receiptful”   If you are a current or recent customer, you may have noticed that we installed a new app that enhances your receipt and provides additional discount codes.  I hope this is helpful to all of you.  We are always looking for ways to improve.

As usual, we would like to thank all of you for being such awesome customers and supporting us the way you have.  Many of you have returned several times, and we thank you immensely.   Until next month!