Sweet Sophia News Letter – May 2017

It's Finally Spring!!

I have really been horrible at keeping up with the newsletters.  Business has been doing very well, so that is my excuse!  

It’s been a year since I quit my “real” job and sunk myself full time into Sweet Sophia.  The results have been nothing short of amazing.  Besides the fact that I have saved thousands of miles in mileage with my new commute to my kitchen, I have been able to focus solely on the business and the bees.  We only lost one hive over the winter (due to exposure) and have doubled the size of our apiary.  We have bees now in 4 different apiaries!!  


This time of year, bees are prone to swarming.  If you happen to see a cloud of bees clustering into a ball in a tree, along a fence, on your woodpile, or anywhere for that matter, please call your local beekeeper association.  Beekeepers love to collect swarms.

New Products

Beard Balm – We tested our beard balms with some serious beardos around the country.  After months of trial and error, we came up with some righteous formulas.  These balms are great for conditioning the skin under the beard and for softening and shaping those wiley whiskers!

Paw Putty –  This amazing salve will moisturize, protect, and promote the healing of your precious pup’s paws, nose, and skin.  Our formula is 100% natural and has been tested for months on dogs of all sizes.  There have even been a few minor curling iron burns on the testers themselves that have benefited from this awesome balm!

Natural Deodorant – After over a year of formulas, testing, rebatching, throwing away, more formulas, more testing, and more trials…..we finally have a product that we are proud of.  This is the 9th formula we tested and easily the 12th or 13th that we put together.  This one works!