Unpaper Towels

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These towels are the perfect, eco-friendly replacement for all those paper towels that are used in the home. They also work well as reusable napkins!

Our unpaper towels are light weight yet absorbent, and perfect for cleaning up messes, dusting, wiping down surfaces, etc.

These towels are reusable and can be used over and over again. Just throw in the wash when you're done. The towels have a rolled surged edge for extra strength through multiple uses and washings. Washing will give them a natural "cling" so you can roll them up together and place on your paper towel holder or just fold and place in a drawer or basket.

Material: 100% cotton flannel
Size: apx 10x11 inches
1 Ply
Qty: 3 towels

Washing Directions: Machine wash warm with like colors. Dryer safe.

Bee themed patterns will vary.

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