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Holy Smoke Hickory Smoked Wildflower Honey is pure golden wildflower honey that's cold-smoked with hickory in Charleston, SC.

THE FLAVOR - Sweet & Smoky

Holy Smoke Honey is both dark and floral. It has an almost molasses start with a bright bouquet of wildflower sweetness. The hickory smoke is an undertone in the beginning and then comes on stronger in the finish to tie it all together. This cuts the sweetness allowing Holy Smoke Smoked Honey to be used in both sweet and savory dishes.


You can use Holy Smoke Smoked Honey just like regular honey, but it adds a nice smoky kick that lends well to practically anything, sweet and savory alike, but here are some specific uses:

  • Glazes for ham, salmon & ribs
  • Smoked honey butter & honey mustard
  • Smoky Spiced Dirty Chai & Earl Grey tea
  • Smoked honey glazed veggies (carrots)
  • Accouterment for cheese plate
  • Drizzle on fried chicken & biscuits
  • Bourbon & tequila cocktails (Old fashioned & margarita)
  • Smoked baklava
  • Barbecue Sauces
  • Peanut butter, banana, & smoked honey sandwich
  • Chicken wing sauce
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