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Use this vertical slatted rack between your bottom board and brood box to give the bees some extra space and ventilation in the hotter months!

In the winter, a slatted rack keeps the brood chamber warmer so the queen can lay right to the bottom of the frame. In the spring and summer, when hive populations are at their largest, it provides a cluster space in the hive which can reduce swarming. Slats run perpendicular to the entrance.

Fully assembled.

Note 1: Our slatted rack can be used in combination with our screened bottom boards. The slats run from back to front so that they are directly under the hive body frames. That way when the Varroa destructor mites fall naturally off the bees, they fall through the slats and through the screen.

A little history about slatted racks: Slatted racks were first developed in 1900 by C.C. Miller, author of the classic, Fifty Years Among the Bees. They were refined in 1950 by Carl Killion, who wrote the bible on raising comb honey, Honey in the Comb. We learned about them from John Brant, one of the few successful commercial beekeepers in New York's cold Adirondack Mountain region. John swears they are absolutely essential to good wintering and swarm control in the North.

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