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Direct from Smithfield, VA, Serendipity Meadworks provides an incredibly unique line up of meads. All are very dry and sure to please!

1634 Spring Mead

Isle of Wight County was founded in 1634. The same flowering trees that witnessed that event provide the nectar that the honey bees gather each year to produce our spring honey. The Tulip Poplar, American Holly, as well as other spring flowering trees. The 1634 Spring Mead is our founding mead named in honor of the founding of our county where we are located. As you savor each sip of our 1634 Spring Mead, imagine the birth of our county and what the future of our hillside holds.

A Wight Fall Mead

When the fields near our bee yards get planted in cotton for the year we now that our honey bees will be producing a second honey from it's nectar. Cotton honey has a distinctive flavor that has been likened to the taste of cotton candy. It is what gives this mead its unique flavor. It's hard to describe, but you'll never forget it once you have tried A Wight Fall Mead.

Ancient Mariner Orange

Alexander the Great brought several types of citrus fruit back to the Western world from India in 400 BC. Thanks to the large concentration of trees in the orange groves, an abundance of nectar is available for the honey bees to convert into orange blossom honey. The distinctive citrus flavor present in the fruit is also available in the nectar. This is what gives our Ancient Mariner Orange its unique smell and exceptional natural sweetness to a mead that would be classified as dry.

Grandpa's Wild Orange

Made from a combination of Wildflower and Orange Blossom honey, Grandpa's Wild Orange is a favorite of many. We've dedicated this mead to Robert Higgins (Grandpa), a partner of Serendipity who played an instrumental role in our operations. He fought for our freedom during Vietnam and then supported our national defense as a nuclear pipe fitter at Newport News Shipbuilding. Grandpa touched many lives before passing away in March 2019. He may be gone, but he's never forgotten.. A toast to our military!

Favorite Daughter's Mesquite

Natives believed the roots had healing properties for a variety of ailments. Although our mead is made from the honey that the bees create from the sweet flowers of the mesquite tree and has no medicinal claim, one glass just may make you feel that the natives have been on to something.

Breezy Hill Pear Melomel

The cultivation of the pear tree dates back to ancient times. It is an Old World fruit cultivated in the cool climates from the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. The trees that bear the pears in our melomel grow in our field along Breezy Hill Lane, which leads to our Meadery. Take one sip of this refreshing elixir and you can’t help but say, life is good!



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