Carpenter Bee Repellent

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The Best Bee Brothers’ natural carpenter bee repellent is a citrus based spray, which is perfectly formulated to help you protect your outdoor wooden areas by repelling carpenter bees. Carpenter bees (along with some other critters) hate the smell of citrus! A couple of squirts of the all-natural Citrus Spray on wood will help you to prevent carpenter bees from nesting. This product is perfect for protecting your lawn furniture and porch rails without using harmful chemicals! The citrus smell is pretty nice too!

Product features:

  • Packaged in a 50ml spray bottle for ready application
  • All natural ingredients work great and smell great!
  • Apply every couple days during carpenter bee season to keep bees at away.

To learn more about the benefits of attracting mason bees to your vegetable garden, visit Walter Reeves' blog.

Active ingredients of our citrus spray:

  • Lemongrass Oil 24.7%
  • Citronella Oil 1.9%

This product is safe for dogs (never use essential oils around cats). Ultimately, the person most qualified to assess the health and safety of natural treatments is your vet, who can determine whether your dog has any health- or age-related issues that may contraindicate essential oils. NOTE: Do not spray on carpenter bee traps.

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