Bug Bite Thing

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  • Removes Insect Venom, Saliva, and Other Irritants Left Under the Skin Using Suction
  • Completely Chemical Free
  • Works On: Mosquitos, Bees, Wasps, Biting Flies, No-See-Ums, Chiggers, Sea Lice & More
  • Compact, Lightweight, Reusable, Easy to Carry
  • Clinically Proven
  • 100% Kid-Friendly


When certain insects bite or sting you, they leave behind their saliva or venom just under the surface of the skin. This may cause your body to react. The Bug Bite Thing is a SUCTION TOOL that extracts the irritant and helps alleviate the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with bug bites and stings. For First Aid Only: In the event of an allergic reaction, severe bite, or infection seek medical attention immediately.

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