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When you’re trying to stay healthy, Propolis Spray is your natural bodyguard. With germ-fighting properties, throat soothing antioxidants, and 300+ beneficial compounds, all it takes is a few daily spritzes to support your immune system and soothe your tired pipes.

What is it?

Bee propolis is also a mighty ally in combating free radical damage during periods of stress—like when you’re rushing through a long line at the airport security, struggling under a time-crunched deadline, or running your first half marathon.

Easy to pack on-the-go and TSA-friendly, this sweet-tasting Propolis Spray is a must-have for anyone who trains hard, travels often, or is looking for natural immune support.


Having trouble concentrating and getting stuff done? B.LXR is packed with brain-loving adaptogens to naturally support focus and brain health. With no caffeine or added sugars, B.LXR is an essential for anyone looking to fight brain fog and deliver 100%.

What is it?

B.LXR Brain Fuel is a powerful nootropic formula containing natural compounds to help enhance memory, performance, and cognition while nourishing and restoring the brain. Featuring royal jelly, ginkgo biloba, and bacopa monnieri (both known to help the body adapt to stress), B.LXR is essential for anyone looking to hunker down and get things done.

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