I hate squirrels.

Over the past few years, I have tried almost everything to get them to quit emptying my bird feeders.  I tried the feeders with the wire cage.  I watched in dismay as the squirrels would swing on the bottom of the feeder like a Cirque de Soleil trapeze artist.  All the while his little buddies were cheering him on, getting showered by flying bird seed.

I tried the hot pepper bird seed.  That stuff is expensive, but it worked for a  while.  Then, I would watch as the squirrels carefully picked through the seeds like a child removing onions from a pizza.

Finally, I found a feeder that works.

This one has a lever that closes the little doors to the seed.  The birds aren’t heavy enough, but a squirrel shuts these little doors quick.  So after two years of blissful bird watching, not to mention a substantial cut to my birdseed bill, I was convinced that I had finally found the feeder that works!

Alas, the years go by and my enemy recognizes my complacency.  Though I really hate these despicable rodents, I have come to respect them immensely.  I have been paying close attention to one of the more daring fellas.  He even looks like trouble..a slightly different color than the other grey squirrels and an unmistakable look of defiance in his black little eyes.   For weeks he has been trying to figure out how to get into this feeder, and for weeks I have patiently watched him fail.  Until now…

That’s right…the wiley little son of a gun broke the front windows out and climbed inside. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing.  The feeder was swinging side to side, but the wind wasn’t blowing. Then I saw that furry little head pop out of the front door, cheeks full to bursting, and I was certain he gave me a wink!

That’s right, the yard has fallen to looters.

This morning though, I have a little surprise.  Guess who has bars on the window?  I DO! I never thought my bird feeders would look like a 7-11 in Southeast DC, but I will not be beaten by this bushy tailed little nuisance!

Ball’s in your court Rocky!